A downloadable game for Windows

UPDATE (2.1) Decreased Baldis Speed

This is a remake of Baldis Basics but it is in 2D

I made the map the same as the original game but most of the rooms are different

There is only one character at the moment which is Baldi (Dont forget that you can also shoot baldi to get away with the left mouse click)

Collect as many notebooks as you can but your task is to collect 7 of them!

Have fun and dont forget to share this game with your friends

Credits to @mystman12 for the sounds and some of the textures and images

(Update 2.0) - Huge map almost identical to the original game

-New textures

-Bug fixes

(Update 2.1) - Decreased baldis speed

Install instructions

When you click to download, you will be prompted to give a completely optional donation. If you do not wish to donate, simply click the "No thanks" link to go straight to the downloads page.


Baldi Basics In 2D V.2.1.exe 16 MB


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baldi's basics


baldi's basics in 2d remake android coming soon

Really, are you making it? if does come out let me know


it dosent look scary


love this game


I Beat The Game With 5 Notebooks Lol


I beat the game!


this game looks fun


Baldis bakery in bekary basiscs in bake baldi basics


this takesyou in circles are you a camm


I think I will like this, since I get to see if Baldi is near me!

yeah , but there is a couple of bugs that need to fixed though 

Sometimes baldi gets stuck in a room lol